The program rewards you for sharing Relovv by giving you incentives and experiences we think you’ll appreciate.


  • Credits to spend on Relovv for each new member who joins with your invite code or link.

  • Opportunities for cross-promotion or features on Relovv’s app and social media. 

  • Exclusive early-bird access for opportunities within the app (ex: to become a stylist - coming soon).

  • Potential products and gifts from sustainable partner brands.

  • Occasional gifts and surprises to show our appreciation for you.

  • Access to insider news through our Facebook group and updates.

  • Content toolkits and best practice guides to help you grow your resale business and following.

We’re honored by your support and excited to invite you to join our Influencer Program.


  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Relovv?
Relovv is the #1 Sustainable Fashion Community. Relovv matches buyers and sellers like a dating app, and allows the community to get paid for curating (relovving). Members join for free, list items for sale with 0 fees, shop each other's closets, and get paid to curate. Relovv's mission is to #ReduceReuseRelovv in the 2nd most wasteful industry in the world: fashion. Relovved clothes are 82% less wasteful than retail and save 500 gallons of water per purchase.

How did Relovv start?
Relovv is a female-owned startup, founded in October 2018 by Alexandra Shadrow while she participated in the world-famous Techstars Venture Accelerator. As a 3rd generation sustainability entrepreneur, "fixing" the fashion waste crisis is in Alex's DNA. In the words of Christine Hunsicker, who sold her company to Yahoo for $500,000,000, "Alex will eat through a wall." She earned a certificate from Mr. Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader, inspiring her to create Relovv and its mission to #ReduceReuseRelovv. With Relovv's $30 average price point, Alex is determined to bring "resale for everyone" not just those who can afford expensive items. Her vision for Relovv is based on using data and machine learning to "match" members to items and transform how you find things you lovv.

What is the Relovv Influencer Program?
• Our most engaged and passionate members joined together to spread Relovv and get perks.  

Do I need a lot of followers to be a part of the Relovv Influencer Program?
• Absolutely not. We welcome nano influencers like @LaazySusan to macro like @CarmellaRose.

I applied for the Relovv Influencer Program, how long until I hear back?
• We get a lot of applications (thank you) so it may 2-4 weeks. If you don't hear from us after one month, please email influencers@relovv.com with the subject "Applied One Month Ago." Using this subject line is super important, or we may not see it. If you have not been accepted into the program, you will not hear back from us.

What can I expect as a member of the Relovv Influencer Program?
• WOW, what a great question. So, we launched Relovv in October 2018 - that means we're a relatively new app . We have ideas planned such IRL events, sales, Instagram engagement groups, and Relovv merch. That being said, we hope you will befriend one another, and drive activity and engagement within the Relovv Influencer Program. We hope you plan your own initiatives and will be a resource for you in doing so.

Why was I not accepted for the Relovv Influencer Program?
• OMG, it's not you, it's us. While we wish we could accept everyone, but the reality is we have to select the applicants we think are the best fit for the Relovv Influencer Program.

Is there something I can do to better my chances of being accepted?
• We are looking for the most passionate resellers, eco-warriors, thrifters, sustainable fashionistas, and Relovv members to join the Relovv Influencer Program. This is optional, but you could stand out from other applicants by inviting friends to join Relovv with your invite code, sharing us on your social media (posts, stories, link in bio), shopping Relovv to support the community and app, or listing a bunch of great items for sale. We're also looking for people who are passionate about sustainability and shy away from, for example, excessively promoting fast fashion or the use of plastics.

My friend joined Relovv, but forgot my invite code - can we add it, do I still get credit?
• Umm, you rule. But sadly, no we can not add it later, and we can not apply for the credit.

What are the perks of joining the Relovv Influencer Program?
•  An overview can be found here, but there's a lot we plan to do. For example, shortly, we plan to offer things like new features before everyone else and exclusive sales only YOU have access to. That being said, we truly believe the most significant perk is the community and ability to connect.
Do I get paid for being a part of the Relovv Influencer Program?
• On your hustle, we respect that! The Relovv Influencer Program is a voluntary program and in no way a paid opportunity. That being said, as a result of being a part of the Relovv Influencer Program, you may indirectly earn more money. For example, you may be featured in the app or on our Instagram, resulting in more sales to your page.

What if I decide I don't want to be in the Relovv Influencer Program anymore?
•  If you decide the Relovv Influencer Program is not right for you, simply remove yourself from the exclusive Facebook Group as well as any Whatsapp or Telegram groups you may be added to. We'd also really appreciate hearing why you decided to leave. Please email influencers@relovv.com with the subject "Leaving Influencer Program." It is super important you use this subject or we may not see it. That being said, please keep in mind we may not be able to reply to your email and know we really appreciate the feedback none the less.

If I decide to leave Relovv Influencer Program, can I still be a Relovv member?
• Absolutely, we'd love to keep you on the app. That being said, if you don't think you will use it anymore, please email support@relovv.com and we will assist you in deleting your account. Friendly reminder that we do not answer any emails about Relovv Influencer Program via support@relovv.com.

I really need to talk to the team; how can I reach you?
• HI, WE'RE HERE FOR YOU. For anything not related to the Relovv Influencer Program, you can email support@relovv.com. For anything related to the Relovv Influencer Program, influencers@relovv.com is the only way to reach us. We do our absolute best to answer this email inbox, but we are not able to reply to all inquiries.

 We noticed you’ve been sharing the lovv, so we’ve created an exciting 
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